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Energy Efficient Homes
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warmer homes

Hello folk,
Winter is closing in quickly, and if forecasts are to be believed, then we are in for a long and cold few months. Prepare for this with a full m o t on your home. Have an EPC done and find out how to make your home warmer/more confortable or an Air Tightness Test which will show where your home is leaking warm air. Contact me for more information.

Air Tightness Test Certificates

An Air Tightness Test is a building control requirement for New Build properties, but it can also be the best method to show householders where heat is being lost unnecessarily from the house. Contact us and we will guide you through the process.

Cold house?

Is your house hard to heat? When the heating system goes off does your house cool down too quickly?

Dissatisfied customer.

Hello, Thanks for the coments Dierdre-most helpful!
However, I will have all sorted by Wed.
Thank you for your patience in these trying times.

Can you save me money on my fuel bills?

I am looking for ways in which I can reduce my fuel bills. What do you suggest?

Epc assessment?

What about ye?
What are you actually assessing when doing an Epc? What do you actually do for the fee? Could I do if and email u the info?

Special pre-Christmas Offer!

Hello people,
Energy Performance Certificates done in Nov and Dec will becharged at £40 for a 2 bedroom house and £50 for a 3 bedroom house. This offer applies to anywhere in Northern Ireland.


Domestic and Commercial EPCs and Air Tightness Testing.

Energy Services

Need Domestic or Commercial EPCs, Air Tightness Test? Renting, Selling, Building, contact me if you require any of the Energy Services required by the New Building Control Regulations.
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